Welcome to Hops Right In,  

I’m a 20-something law and finance student that has an interest in craft beers and other drinks like scotch and cider. This blog will contain beer, cider and from time to time scotch reviews and interesting articles!  The goal of this blog to educate myself and others in craft beers (Perhaps a few other sneaky beverages) and form a discussion around the newest and the best drinks on the market. Learn interesting brewing knowledge, the latest news and from time to time friends may post with similar content.

I like to try new things and I look for value in what I drink, I prefer quality over quantity. I’ve spent years and currently working in a fine wine store that has a pretty good range of craft beers (I’m not going to flog their ads to you). That’s not to say that I’m a beer snob in anyway, a lot of drinks have special occasions and other factors that need to be considered when choosing one. We hope to hear from our readers, whether they tried what we are talking about, have suggestions or even how we can improve. This is my first blog so go easy.

If you wish to contact us our email is hopsrightin@gmail.com  and we are looking to set up a Facebook page and other social media to make it easier, so keep an eye out.