Hello all,

The other day I felt like a ginger beer, which in all fairness happens pretty frequently. I mean who doesn’t love a good ginger beer. I thought why not go out and get a couple to review and enjoy or hate. I thought that I would start off with MSA_0590-1one I’ve bought many times in the past, the Brookvale Union Ginger Beer. It says on the bottle that it is “possibly produced by 4 Pines Brewing Co.” or “maybe by, on a spaceship by Jimmy Havana in fluro lycra”, which is part of the trendy appearance they are going for, just see the label, granted the label did win me over.

Location: New South Wales Style: Ginger Beer ABV:4% 500mL Value: around $7-8

AROMA 9/10   APPEARANCE 5/5   Flavour 14/15   PALATE/MOUTHFEEL 8/10  Finish 9/10

  OVERALL 45/50

It poured out a light to medium straw colour with a cloudy appearance. The nose had sweet ginger characters (Surprise, I know right) with faint notes of lemon. They have added cane sugar which makes it quite sweet but the enlivening ginger spices cleans the taste and rounds out the finish that left me quite satisfied.

All in all, if you’re like me and grew up pretty much drinking Bundaberg Ginger Beer than you will really enjoy this. I have before and would again recommend you try this ginger beer, as I believe it’s one of the best on the market. However I will be fair and noted that what I expect for a ginger beer is a lot different to a beer.