Hello all,

Matso’s is an Australian brewery from Broome in Western Australia and remains family owned.  I first came across the Matso’s brewery a few years ago when they caught my eye with a mango flavoured beer which from memory was mostly enjoyable.  They have a pretty unique range of beers, from the standard pale ale, dark lager to ginger and lychee beers. However, it’s the chilli beer today!

                                                                Location: Western Australia Style: Chilli ABV:4.2% 330mL – Price: around $4-5 single                         IMAG0050_1


  OVERALL 13/50

When it was poured (I know it was an IPA glass for those that care :p) it came out a lightly cloudy Pale amber. Not the most exciting looking beer with no head and very little carbonation. I found there wasn’t much on the nose at all to be honest, just little notes of chilli. The taste was extremely weak in terms of flavour, but it did deliver on the premises of chilli. It was quite up front on heat, yet not overwhelming (for me anyway) and had some length on it (like most chillies I guess).

I generally like to look at the positives, but with this beer I can’t say I could recommend it other than for a dare. The lack of any body was disappointing, it just seemed like someone boiled some chillies leaving it all talk and substance. The brewery does however have some nice stuff to offer (They do an interesting mango beer and a reasonable pale ale), even so, this one for me is not one of them.