Hello all,

Western Australia’s Feral Brewing Company crafts an American style Indian Pale Ale and its named Feral Hop Hog. They are located in Perth’s Swan Valley and is still a microbrewery (no idea how this isn’t a top seller) and still family owned. This beer is probably one of the reasons we haven’t kicked Western Australia out of the country, that and its mineral wealth. My brother got me on to this beer as he is a bit of a nut for full flavoured beers and its good he did.

According to there website they “add a heavy dose of American Hops during both during the boil and late in the fermenting stage to give Hop IMAG0055_1Hog a strong pine needle and citrus aroma, followed by an aggressive bitterness and a dry finish”.

Location: Western Australia – Style: American Style IPA – ABV: 5.8% 330mL – Value: around $18-20 for a 4 pack

Aroma 9/10   Appearance  5/5  Flavour 13/15  Palate/Mouthfeel 8/10 Finish 9/10

Overall 44/50

It pours a pleasant golden orange colour with a medium off white head which laces the glass. However, the head doesn’t seem to last long which is a shame. The nose contains light citrus, perhaps some resinous pine aroma, but you can definitely pick-up a sort of light caramel maltiness.

The flavour has a good acidic balance and delightful pine notes on the middle palate, not as big as you would expect from other IPAs. That’s not a bad thing. The malting is well balanced and doesn’t intrude on the hops throughout additionally it rests well in your (mine) mouth. The finish has a good length of hop but a clean, dry bitterness rounds it out marvelously.

From the fun name you wouldn’t expect such a fantastic beer, however the beer delivers on all fronts. If you like your beers with a bit of flavour then I would highly recommend this beer. This beer is one that should be tried at least once. I have been seeing the beer in increasing more places recently, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find, at least in Sydney and I assume Perth given its location.

Happy Drinking!