Hello all,

The Stone and Wood Pacific Ale would have to be one of the  favourite beers I’ve had. Formally known as the Draught Ale, the brewery was established in 2008 by a team of three friends with heavy experience in the industry. Previously they worked for the massive Matilda Bay, currently owned today by Cartlon & United Breweries and contains their flagship Fat Yak.

The brewery is from one of New South Wales most stunning spots, Bryon Bay. The beer itself contains all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops. The beer is unfiltered and as they say “[f]iltering beer removes the remaining yeast which causes the beer to look cloudy; unfortunately a lot of the flavour is also removed by the filter”. The Pacific Ale used to only on tap at their pub, however, due to the high demand they bottled their first batch and called it the Draught Ale. As you probably would have expected from the title they soon changed the name to Pacific Ale and seem to be growing in popularity.

Location: NSW – Style: Australian Ale – ABV: 4.4% 330mL – Value: Expensive              

AROMA 9/10 – APPEARANCE 5/5 – FLAVOUR 14/15 – MOUTH FEEL 9/10 – FINISH 9/10 

  OVERALL 46/50

The colour seemed to be a cloudy pale lemon colour, (the lighting in the picture wasn’t the best show this) reminded a little of cloudy apple juice. There was a reasonable finger wide head and the carbonation seemed delightful. The nose was really good, the aroma of grapefruit and orange hops predominantly thought-out which typically occurs with the galaxy hop.IMAG0096_1

Mouthful was a nice a dry style, the follows through with a beer that is a little floral with citrus  flavours and I picked up a little mango flavour as well. The Pacific Ale has a nice sweetness from the malts that is rounded out beautifully with the level of carbonation. The finish has a refreshing finish with an aftertaste which had a good length of a slight bitterness carried from the hops but the fruit is still pretty.

Stone and Wood must be doing something right at the retail level at least where I was we couldn’t get enough of the Pacific Ale. Really good session beer for a summer day and has been for me a good crowd pleaser. Great flavours and is far from making love in an canoe (if you understand that Australian expression). It is a little bit on the expensive side, however well worth a try, it’s a extremely well made and gorgeous beer.