I know that summer is coming to an end, but I still had the Sly Fox Summer Ale sitting around and thought I’d better do this before winter really kicks in. As the true rulers of the north in Game of Thrones say “Our Blades Are Sharp”, that’s right House Bolton. Sorry, had to play the devil’s advocate.

Recently I did a review of the Feral Hop Hog which put in in high spirits for this. I knew being a summer ale I couldn’t expect the same level of flavour but I expected a high quality summer ale, to which I was no disappointed.

Location: Western Australia – Style: Summer Ale ABV: 4.5% – Value: around $16-20 per 4 pack

AROMA-9/10 APPEARANCE-5/5 FLAVOUR-12/15 PALATE-8/10 Finish-8/10



The first thing I noticed was the nice amount of head where the foam stuck to the galls nicely. The nose had hints of passion fruit but mostly grassy/pine notes and a little spice. A nice clean malt smell, blends nicely with the aroma from the hops.  It’s a golden, lightly filtered ale that has a low bitterness but, retains a similarity with the Hop Hog of that floral American hop aroma.

The taste follows the nose, nice back pallet taste of tropical fruits with up front grassy notes. The bitterness is perfect for a summer ale, giving a great punchy grapefruit cleansing hit the mid-palate. The finish has a very fine malt taste that doesn’t have the longest length on it. There is a nice tinge at the end that finishes off the hops.

A beautifully refreshing summer ale, which would go nicely in a session. It’s a shame I’m doing this going into winter but at least I can add another thing to look forward to next summer. I would recommend this for those that want an easy drinking summer ale.