Hello all,

So this is probably, at least to my knowledge the closest brewery too me and thought it was about time I reviewed it. Based just on the outskirts of North West Sydney in Rouse Hill the Australian Brewery has been of my early drinking spots. To be honest, there wasn’t much around them other than the Mean Fiddler which was on Sydney’s most violent pubs list for a number of years. Thankfully things have changed for the Fiddler and defamation laws in Australia don’t apply to business’s. After opening in 2010 the accolades started to appear,  in 2012 it was voted by the AHA (Australian Hotels Association) as the Best Boutique Beer Venue and Best Traditional Hotel Bar in NSW. Anyway to the review. This micro-brewery seems to impress.

Location: Sydney – Style: Australian Pacific Ale ABV: 4.8% – Value: around $1416 per 4 pack  

AROMA –8/10


FLAVOUR – 12/15

PALATE- 8/10

FINISH – 7/10

OVERALL – 40/50

So the first thing you notice is the massive amount of head on top of the beer as it pours a cloudy golden yellow. Nice passionfruit hop aroma which is pleasant in the nose however not as strong as some other beers like the Stone and Wood. The hops on the nose did remind me a little of pilsners.   IMAG0159_1

The mouth-feel (I did drink it out of a glass which I think does make it better, who knows could just be a placebo) was a little rugged at first but become a easy drinking lighter bodied style. The tropical fruits in the galaxy hop are always welcomed, but I feel that this beer would go well with a more balanced malt bill to give it a more present bitterness. The finish had some nice length, but still the malts seemed to finish quite leaving the hops to carry the weight.

It’s a very pleasant beer and for its price its good value. If you are looking for a bitterness I would probably stay way, but if you want a beer that deliver that nice galaxy hop fruitiness with a crisp finish than the Australian Brewery Pale Ale is worth a crack. The price is extremely good given the quality, however, my only complaint is the can, but then again that might be what is keeping the price down. Good for a crowd-pleaser with come backyard cricket.