Hello all,

So this is going to be my first cider review and the plan is to do them every now and than, but not to the same extent as what I do for my beer reviews (but where will I put my ramblings now?). So I’m starting with the the Hillbilly Apple cider made in Bilpin NSW in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

So the cider itself pours a very pale, lighter than champagne almost no colour at all, not necessarily a flaw. Not much head, but has a nice aroma (I don’t really want too obvious as to what) with a delicate off sweetness but extremely clean.

The body is soft, light and refreshing and has a great balance in flavours and creamy notes. Medium body carbonation, but has a nice dry finish with a medium length.

I really enjoyed this cider, it’s clean, crisp and well balanced and well worth trying. I would highly¬† recommend¬†Hillbilly cider for a lazy warm afternoon or just a pleasurable alternative.