Clear pale straw colour, litte head. Light on aroma, but nice citrus notes. Light malt base, crisp grassy hops. A quick finish, but with a nice mouth-feel. Not a bad little lager.

Location: NSW – Style: Hell/Lager  – ABV: 4.2% – Value: Cheap

AROMA -6/10 Yenda hell


FLAVOUR – 7/15

PALATE- 6/10

FINISH – 5/10

OVERALL – 27/50



So Yenda notes the beers as “[a] Helles-style lager, the unfiltered nature of the beer aids the development of a light smooth body, while retaining an intense but refined hop aroma. The Helles is straw in colour, full strength with more malt flavour than a typical Australian lager. The addition of the exciting new HPA hop “Vic Secret” as a dry hop adds a modern Australian twist. This hop has imparted an interesting grapefruit and pineapple-like aroma. The light but full flavour of this delicately crafted beer can be enjoyed unfiltered as nature intended”.

I found the Yenda poured a clear straw colour which I was wasn’t expecting as it was meant to be an unfiltered lager. I was expecting a it to be a little more cloudy given that they say it is unfiltered. It has next to no head on the beer when I poured it, as you can see from the photo, and what was there seemed to vanish faster then a pensioner who owes the next round . The nose had mild hints of citrus and slight malt notes to it however was lacking in body.

The body followed the nose in this beer, but with dusty and grainy tasting. The lightness of the beer seems to follow through with a dry yet very light creamy finish and a light malt flavours all round. However, although they note on the bottle 2 and half out of 5 on hop intensity it seemed not to warrant that. Although the hop citrus flavours are present and light, they are still pleasant.

This beer seems to fit nicely into the cheaper side of the market. Its quite enjoyable in its alright right as a lager but nothing to ran home about.