This American style pale ale represents one of the best micro-brewery beers that Australia has to offer. This pale ale uses centennial and cascade hops, from the north west Pacific corner of the USA. However, on their site they note that they have started to use cascade hops grown in Tasmania.

For a quick review the nose has a nice floral and citrus hops that lead into gentle and  layered malts before the hops have a nice finish and lengthy presence of bitterness.

Location: Tasmania- Style: Pale Ale – ABV: 4.9% – Value: Low

AROMA -8/10 Moobrew paleale


FLAVOUR – 12/15

PALATE- 8/10

FINISH – 7/10

OVERALL – 40/50




Poured from the bottle and I was impressed, the aromas came straight though, as you can see from the picture and strong level of head and a lovely orange amber colour with a light haze. The aroma pops with big floral notes and a hint of pine as a strong head laces the glass and lasts longer than a snowflake in summer.

On tasting the beer has a creamy lightness associated with centennial and cascade characters (citrus and grapefruit) their work there way through the pallet with the late bitterness you would expect from centennial. A good level of carbonation on the palate matched the pleasant late bitterness.

We recommend MooBrew as we quite enjoyed it, but in terms of value for what they offer it’s a little on the disappointing side. Well worth a try and I would buy again, but wouldn’t become a staple for my beer consumption.