Hello all,

So another cider has come my way which I was excited to try after reading the notes on it.

“Inspired by the spiritual home of great cider, England’s West Country, the Fresh Press Cider has refreshment at its core and delivers a true balance of sweet apple and crisp dryness. Our locally sourced Australian apples are fermented just hours after pressing, providing a fresh and aromatic flavor experience.”

The nose has that earthy and minerally smell which isn’t off putting but smells like a real cider. I haven’t had many England’s West Country ciders but I could quickly get behind drinking them if they had similar noses.

The taste delivers a clean, lean crisp taste with a full mouth feel. The cider has a nice balance in sweetness and acid that gives you a fresh finish that leaves crisp despite the sweetness. It is drier than most of the big ciders we have in Australia I still couldn’t say it was a dry cider, caught nicely somewhere in the middle.


The only thing I can against this cider this that it is a little simple, however, I would buy this again, especially on a warm afternoon with a lot of ice. I would definitely buy this cider over pretty much all of the major brewery’s ciders as a lot of them seem to be only there to catch a growing market.

ABV – 4.7%      Location – New South Wales.

Happy drinking.