Cavalier has been on my radar for a while now, winning awards and the like. Even this brown ale people’s choice winner for Best Dark Ale at the Fed Square Microbreweries showcase i in October 2011, although I didn’t know it at the time.

Nevertheless, before I found the brown ale I had only seen them in the 750ml and they priced around $17-18 mark, which is a bit on an investment. So when I came across this brown ale the in the middle of winter in a 330ml I had to see what all the fuss was about. After I tried it was glad I had, unlike the time I bought home-branded grain wave crisps.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria- Style: Brown Ale – ABV: 5% – Value: Good



AROMA -8/10


FLAVOUR – 12/15

PALATE- 8/10

FINISH – 8/10


OVERALL – 41/50


It pours extremely dark almost black with quite a reasonable beige head. The head forms to the glass nicely and the fizzling bubbles signs of a higher carbonation. The nose has great nutty characters to it, with hint of dark caramel and roasted chocolaty malts.

The brown ale presents a smooth mouth feel, mildly nut roast characters, without a true darkness. Still has the classic the English brown ale taste, rich roasted malts and a hint of coffee in the middle followed by a dry, crisp roasted note. Although we get that nice nutty taste the beer doesn’t present sweetness after the first sip. The finish has a good amount of length and the slight hazelnut coffee mix finish.

This is a well nice rounded beer with a light finish, one of those dark beers without that over the top tastes that dark beers may have. Definitely an easier drinking dark beer and one that I would recommend to those getting into dark beer.

Happy drinking.