Murry’s Dark Knight Porter is an delightfully well-balanced and smooth Porter. This is an excellent dark ale to start exploring the world of Porters with as it is just so accessible. Typically, most people get turned off by the heavy ones like Guinness or to a lesser extent Drangonhead stout. Nevertheless, this porter presents mild chocolates (Always a plus in any form) with an earthy hop bitter back note.

The label states that “Murray’s Dark Knight is the Porter that means business. Made from six specialty malts, this hooch is full bodied, rich and complex. A deep ruby colour with creamy off-white head. Dark knight has an aroma of caramel and bittersweet chocolate and finishes with a balanced bitterness. It’s almost criminal not to drink … makes all other porters untouchable.”

Location: NSW, Port Stephens – Style: English Porter – ABV: 4.5% – Value: Great


AROMA -6/10 


FLAVOUR – 11/15

PALATE- 8/10

FINISH – 8/10

OVERALL – 37/50

I have been looking forward to the this beer as when I first started drinking beer, I found my way to Murry’s Whale Ale wheat beer which I frequented when I was a younger drinker.

The porter pours black with blush of ruby red with very little head which isn’t that uncommon for porters. The nose presents reserved sweet chocolate notes with hints of caramel as the label noted.

A delightfully well-balanced, light and smooth porter taste the classic notes of bitter chocolate and roasted malts which followed on the aftertaste with reasonable length. The mouth-feel was smooth thought out the session and a medium carbonation allowed the flavours to sit softy. The lightness of the beer unlike other classic dark beers still give a nice sense of fullness and allowed you to enjoy the chocolate bitterness.

Definitely a porter that needs to be tried especially if you’re new to dark beers and want those dark flavours. Been and fan of the Murray’s brewery for a while now and this beer does nothing to hinder that fandom (Unlike the that so called last season of Scrubs). This beer it really well priced for what gives and offers good value in the craft beer section.

Happy Drinking.