Wild Yak Pacific Ale uses the Melba and Galaxy hops provide an light sweet tropical fruit aroma complemented by light citrus notes. A combination of pale malt and wheat malt provide a smooth, light palate rounding out the low bitterness.

The newest member of the Yak family, which sprung from the massive label Fat Yak and the second label Lazy Yak . Only released this year the Wild Yak see’s the Yak family increased to 3. The Yaks seem targeted at younger market of drinkers, although a little older than Cruiser drinkers the Yak’s seem to offer a lighter style of ales designed for hotter climates.

Who: Matilda Bay (CUB)– Style: Pacific Ale – ABV: 4.2% – Value: Reasonable


AROMA -7/10 


FLAVOUR – 6/15

PALATE- 5/10

FINISH – 6/10

OVERALL – 27/50

The beer runs off calls itself a Pacific Ale, which anyone beer drinkers from Australia will recognise the term from Stone and Woods Pacific Ale which we reviewed earlier this year. However, the style is completely different to the Stone and Wood, the Wild Yak takes a much lighter approach in flavour.

There isn’t much to say about this beer, the nose offers some great tropical fruit flavours. It has an extremely light golden colour with a thin white head. Very mild tropical fruits with a touch of melon followed with a light bitterness. The mouth-feel is pleasant, but the length isn’t there.

After reading the score you may think that this beer isn’t any good which isn’t the case. Wild Yak isn’t bad, it just doesn’t offer much in our competitive craft beer market. It’s what happens when a micro brewery meets the macro, the character just isn’t there. To be honest, this beer would go down well on a hot day and I can see non-beer drinkers enjoying it. As for me the flavours just aren’t there to keep me interested.