Hotchkiss Six offers thin layers of dark chocolate and gentle roast mixed with a hint of fruity hops, while oats round out the palate, softening the beer and making it seem bigger than it is. Good introduction stout that is by no means heavy.

The Little Creatures Hotchkiss Six represents, like most breweries, the idea on seasonal beers: whether limited to seasons or just a batch run. Last year Little Creatures released the Return of the Dread Stout that was a muscular 7.2 per cent. Not that I’m complaining these release keep me interested as there are new styles to try. Hotchkiss Six it uses a wide range of hops and malts that include Pale Malt, Crystal Malt, Chocolate malt, Roasted Barley, Oats and than a few hops, Horizon- bittering (US), Rakau- flavour (NZ) and Southern Cross cones – aroma.

Little Creatures released its first beer 15 years ago with their flagship American-style pale ale, which at the time was at the start of the era of craft beer resurgences in Australia. Little Creatures like James Squire beers is currently owned by Lion Nathan which in itself is owned by Kirin. Although some may say, given the size that these are craft beers they are still better than most of the major brews and also good to compare with smaller brewers.

Who: Little Creatures – Style: Stout – ABV: 4.5% – Value: Reasonable




AROMA -7/10


FLAVOUR – 9/15

PALATE- 7/10

FINISH – 6/10

OVERALL – 33/50


When opening the bottle the aroma presents notes of coffee cherry mixed with dark chocolate just what you expect from a nice roasted stout goodness. The appearance is a deep opaque black colour that has an extremely small head when poured, but more an oatmeal stout it was a little disappointing (should head ever be?).

The taste is simple, a stout that offers and easy drinking beer. The flavour is a sort of nebulous sweet bitterness that is difficult to describe due to the lack thereof. The mouth-feel falls away quite quickly, although you still get a delicate roasted flavour.

It seems to be following the same lines as the past few beers I have reviewed, take a style make it lighter in flavour and mass distribute it. They seemed to have played it safe on this one. Although, you should give it a try if you can find it, I’m a little late given that it’s the end of its release; but if you want to introduce yourself to dark beers this would be a good bridge to taste the flavours that you may get.

Happy drinking.