Pure Blonde has to this point been synonymous with beer; most recently realising a surge in sales with the introduction of their low-card alternatives after seeing a double digit decline in regular beer sales. The launch of the Pure Blonde cider see and expansion into the the calorie light options for drinkers labeling the cider as  60% less sugar and 50% less carbs than regular cider.

“Pure Blonde Cider will appeal to those who don’t normally drink cider because they find it too sweet and sugary, particularly white wine drinkers.” said Pure Blonde Marketing Director Ben Eyles. “We have created Pure Blonde Cider with 60 per cent less sugar and 50 per cent less carbohydrates than regular cider for both men and women who are focused on a balance lifestyle”.

Whether or not this is true Pure Blonde Cider is bottled at 4.2 per cent ABV and seems to be in every bottle shop at the moment (Yay for market power). The lighter style of calorie carries though the cider, it’s the closest cider I’ve had to making love on a canoe (F’ing close to water). It does have a crisp finish but you can’t escape the lack of actual flavour. Not much to say about this cider, if you’re concerned about your calorie intake it could be a cheap option for you otherwise maybe not.