I thought I best get a move on after reviewing the Lorry Boys Pale Ale some time ago and give both the Bright Lager and the Golden Ales a run. An inexpensive beer that raises the question of where a craft beer starts and where is finishes, which I’ll leave till for the golden ale review.

A quick review of the Liquorland owned Lorry Boys Bright Lager offers a sweet malt nose, fluffy head with nice mouthful. Light body, clean finish and fits in well with other classical Australian lagers. Nether the less, what did annoy me was the story of Jim and Joe on the back label.

“Back when Jim and Joe first started producing their small batch brews, they were always keen to enure their fine brew would arrive safely – so, they hand delivered in their old lorry. Although now they don’t still hand deliver, the still hand craft … and they’re also still known as the Lorry Boys”

What a load of ‘bullshit’, it’s like every bugger fell over and some bad marketer got the gig. This is honestly a pitch poor attempt to seem ‘crafty’. Good thing Jim and Joe never existed to see this.

Who: Lorry Boys (Liquorland) – Style: Lager– ABV: 4.4% – IBU 2.5 – Value: Mid


AROMA -5/10


FLAVOUR – 6/15

PALATE- 5/10

FINISH – 6/10

OVERALL – 26/50


The beers has nice aroma of that classic lager smell that reminds me of Tooheys New, light malts coming though. Poured a Amber Golden colour with less than a finger of bright white foamy head.

The carbonation seemed high which seem to have worked well given it its best feature in a pleasant mouth-feel. The taste has a hint of sweetness, but nothing really in regards to bitterness. It is a light, this beer that has a crisp finish with a little tartness at the end. All in all there is not much to write about this beer, there is nothing wrong with it, but there is nothing impressive about it as well.

The Bright Ale is by no means something that will impress you, however, that being said the price point is something to be aware of. If the price was under $40 a slab that would offer a good alternative to other lagers, however, I’ve mostly seen it around $50 which I would prefer a more tastier beer.

Happy drinking.