G’day all, I came across the Cricketers Arms ‘Tasting Booklet’ at work the other day and I thought that I would replicate what the brewery’s says about their core beers and then link to my own reviews when available. Also, if anyone is interested you can visit Crickets Arms here, also I thought I would grab this photo from Prestige Bar Brisbane’s website as it shows their range right along side there parent company.

1) Spearehead Pale Ale     IBU:25 ALC:5.2%

The ‘new-world’ pale ale is late hopped with Amarillo for a subtle citrus Aroma, dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin for a tropical finish and balanced with a pale malt and two specialty malts to deliver a sturdy caramel backbone.

2) Scocher Summer Ale      IBU:18 ALC:4.6%

In appreciation of those who slog it out over the Australian summer, Scorcher Summer Ale was crafted to refresh. We add three specialty Malts and double hops using a combination of Galaxy and out signature hop Amarillo, to deliver a non-filtered cloudy ale with citrus and tropical aromas.

3) Keeper’s Lager      IBU:18 ALC:4.6%

This easy drinking lager was specially crafted to honour friendships and celebrate achievements, paying homage to a time where telling stories, cheers and post-match banter was an important tradition. Keepers Lager is crafted using sun-dried malt and infused with citrus Amarillo hops.

4) Captain’s IPA      IBU:36 ALC:5.8%

This Indian Pale Ale was crafted to honour the brewing traditions of a beer that journeyed by ship from England to the Indian Colonies, in an era when the ship’s captain wore inked swallows as proof of his sailing prowess. Captain’s IPA is brewed using two specialty malts for rich toffee flavour with a complex fusion of aroma and bitterness hops to deliver an intense, yet smooth taste.

5) Journey Man Mid Strength      IBU:18 ALC:3.5%

This mid-strength lager is crafted using ultra-high gravity Late hopped with Amarillo, the signature citrus flavour thread thought-out the  Cricketers Arms range. the Journeyman was inspired by Cricketers Arms founder who have enjoyed life’s journey and infused that into this beer.

6) Nightwatchman Dark Ale Limited Edition     IBU:15 ALC:5.8%

This ‘old-style’ dark ale is top fermented using genuine ale yeast to deliver an outstanding refreshing drink-ability. Late hopped with Wilamettes for a distinctive floral hop aroma, the pale and roasted malts give this brew a smooth creamy plate with roasted coffee and chocolate notes. Always reliable, the Nightwatchman is the prefect brew to see you through the night.

7) 12th Man Pilsner Limited Edition      IBU:25 ALC:5.2%

The 12th Man is an unpasteurised, cloudy Pilsner with a satisfying soft bitterness and yeast esters. Dry hopped with our signature hop, Amerillo, along with Galaxy to give aromas of tropical citrus fruits.