Came across the Kirin Fuji Apple cider at my local on the counter for $10 for 4 bottles when you spend over a certain amount. I hadn’t, but I he was happy to give it to me for $10 anyway. The bottles reads ‘premium cider infused with a hint of Fuji Apple’ however, it should be noted that the one I had was made and bottled in Australia by Lion (formerly Tooheys).

The Australian website for Kirin gives notes on the cider as:

Primary Fruit – Sweetened with Fuji Apples
Aroma and Flavour –Fresh Fuji apple nose with a clean crisp and refreshingly subtle sweetness.
Colour -Bright and clear with a pale gold colour
Style – Medium Dry

I’ll add that it sits as 4% ABV and is 1 standard drink per bottle so you won’t be going off like a cut snake if you think you’re under the limit to drive. But I tend to agree with the website, clear cider fruity and cider like appearance, decent sweet-sour tartness and balance. Crisp mouthfeel, light bodied, spritzy carbonation and dry tartness.Quite a clean cider but a very simple as well I found the first easy to drink but after that I found it a little boring. Reasonable cheap cider 3/5.

Happy Drinking and sorry for the bad picture 😦