One of my friends demanded that I find and do more ginger beer reviews, so when I noticed one called The Ginger Kid Extra Strong, I couldn’t resist.

‘The Ginger Kid Ginger Beer is made by two brothers, Kye and Quinn Livingstone.  Quinn has a background in winemaking and uses this knowledge to make a ginger beer that is hand crafted in a similar fashion to a wine.  When making a wine, winemakers aim to extract as much colour and flavour from the fruit as possible.  This philosophy is applied to the ginger beer and the results are evident – a ginger beer that tastes like a ginger beer should – crisp, clean and full of strong ginger flavour!’

Who: Harcourt Valley – Style: Ginger – ABV: 8% – Where: Harcourt VIC.


AROMA -7/10imag0382_1


FLAVOUR – 13/15

PALATE- 7/10

FINISH – 8/10

OVERALL – 40/50


The nose is simple ginger sweetness, however wasn’t what I would call strong. The Appearance is what you would expect growing up in Australia and expecting a ginger beer to look like. We (at least myself) seem to prefer the classic ginger beer, soft drink (soda) with alcoholic than beer flavoured with alcohol, which this is the former.

The taste is very dry, which a lot of spice and ginger bite. Which it is probably the best to note that on the back it states ‘made from premium raw QLD ginger, delivering a uniquely refreshing taste. Made by a winemaker rather than a brewer, a focus has been on extracting as much of the ginger flavor as possible’. The is a little bit of earthy-ness on the back palate but a gentle ginger spice stays in your mouth for a considerable long time. Very flavorsome, you can taste the alcohol in the middle palate, but for 8% something that should be expected. Carbonation seems to be on par with most non-alcoholic ginger beers which does fit the style quite nicely.

Overall, the beer sets out to achieve what it says. The ginger kid ginger beer fronts up on the ginger and offers a pretty intense but not overwhelming ginger beer. You wouldn’t be knocking a lot of theses back at once, but I can see myself grabbing them every now and then, when a want a nice spice ginger hit. All in all it has a lot of soul unlike not ginger kids (Sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one).

Happy drinking.