The tale of La Trappe Quadrupel begins in 1881, when French Trappist monks settled in the village of Berkel-Enschot, located close to the Netherlands’ southern border with Belgium.They named the premises that they acquired as De Koningshoeven, or “king’s farm” after their former owner, King William II. The brand of La Trappe itself was inspired by another abbey across the boarder in France  “Notre-Dame de la Grande Trappe” said to be the birth place of the Trappist order.

Quadrupel is the strongest beer on the breweries lineup and comes from the only Trappist brewery in the Netherlands. First brewed in 1991, this 10-percent ABV beast was initially only made in winter, but its popularity soon led the monks to make it a year-rounder. Thankfully it did become a year-rounder because it probably wouldn’t have made its way down to Australia if it hadn’t and I would have been like a kid watching an ice cream truck drive past.

Who: Koningshoeven – IBU: 22 – ABV: 10% – Where: Netherlands


AROMA -8/10


FLAVOUR – 13/15

PALATE- 9/10

FINISH – 10/10

OVERALL – 46/50

The colour is a  warm amber-colour  with a crème-coloured head. The head sits nicely within the goblet.not clear but not overly cloudy, just a little hazy. The aroma gives hints, balanced by the sweet aromas of vanilla, raisins and dark fruits, plums, the tiniest hint of banana, however also expected with the darker beers nuts and cloves can also be sensed.

A full, warming and intensive taste that takes on a blend of the sweetness to the spices but carried with a great mouth feel of a bready but yet sweet and full mouthfeel. lingering sweet bread/sweet to spicy aftertaste running into the finish, but still maintains the malt with prefect sweet tones of date and caramel. quite a smooth and light bitter aftertaste.

This is one beer I’ve been eyeing off for some time and I can say it doesn’t disappoint. I wouldn’t recommend this to unexpected beer drinking given its dark flavours and ABV, but this beer must be had by anyone that seriously likes their beers.

Happy drinking.