The Lord Nelson is the longest continuously operated pub in Australia and to repent its 175th anniversary as a pub and 30 years of brewing (Although a rather young pub if conspired to some of the English ones) they released the Lord Nelson Dead Ahead British Golden Ale.

The Lord Nelson has previously released two beers in the core line, the Three Sheets Australian Pale Ale, and the Old Admiral old ale. Both beers are worthy to become regulars in any one beers drinking habits, which I tend to drink like how I could turn the lights off and be in bed before it’s dark. Anyway straight to the review.

Who: Lord Nelson – IBU: 30 – ABV: 5.2% – Where: Sydney


AROMA -7/10


FLAVOUR – 12/15

PALATE- 7/10

FINISH – 7/10

OVERALL – 38/50



The aroma shows subtle mostly pleasant aroma of biscuit,lemon with a nice follow of malt. The head head was solid and quite white and the body was differently more cloudy than most Australian golden ales which being in the form of an English style is quite expected. Nevertheless pours a clear pale coppery brown.

Light body, with plenty of rather coarse carbonation giving a somewhat fizzy mouthfeel. solid pale malts flavours coming though with a sort of earthy hop character and broad but gentle bitterness. The finish is quite pleasant like of a citrus to keep you interested but the length just wasn’t there, but still rounded out by some great earthy bitter notes.

Happy drinking.