‘Made under Doctors orders’ and ‘When it works it’s a miracle’ are just a couple mischievous little slogans which are pasted over the bottle. I do enjoy how this cider is marketed as a little cheeky, even the back has a list of troubles/reasons to drink this cider such as inability to whistle, left-handedness and cats to name a few. What I could find is that the cider is  produced in collaboration between McLaren Vale wine producer Chapel Hill, and the McLaren Vale Beer Company who still have it on their website.

The Dr Pilkington’s cider poured a very light straw, high carbonation up front but faded away quickly. Near-water white body, good clarity as a result of the carbonation. The nose of the cider presented those sweet citrus aromas similar to Granny Smith apples and a sort of lemonadey sense.

The body on Dr Pilkington’s Miracle Cider was a little high on the carbonation and made it seem more like a soft drink rather than a cider, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. A lot of dry apple flavour came though, which was quite refreshing but seemed to lack depth in structure apart from the acidic back note.

But overall, the nose was fresh and clean but still very simple, similarly with the body the light dry apple flavours with the acidity made it more refreshing than say the sweeter style of ciders. Although Dr Pilkington’s Miracle Cider isn’t amazing it is still a quite drinkable and refreshing cider.

Commercial description: (if interested)

Little is known of the enigmatic Dr Pilkington and less has been written. Some say he won his famous apple orchard in a card game, others say he drank with famous bushrangers, then ran off with their women. Clattering into town with his covered wagon and trademark theatrical flair, Dr Pilkington would sell by day and fly by night. In the watering holes of the wild frontier he is recalled as a mad genius, master distiller and the very best kind of scoundrel.

Dr Pilkington’s Miracle Cider earned its name by whisper and word of mouth. Tilt your ear just right and you’ll hear the countless tales of quirky and unusual troubles made right by this sparkling tonic. Ordinary folk afflicted with curly hair, left-handedness, cats, and worse, will swear they’ve been cured right there at the bar. If the tales are to believed, there is something truly special in each handcrafted batch.

Made with only the freshest apples, from the sun-dappled orchards of South Australia, Dr Pilkington’s is best served over ice. The trained eye will note a light straw colour, while the palate delights in the crisp, true apple flavours. With its perfectly balanced carbonation and refined acid balance, Dr Pilkington’s Miracle Cider is full of promise. It is ours to decide whether the man himself was full of something else altogether.