Finally at the end of the Lorry Boy’s range, after trying their pale ale and their bright lager I have to say I found the golden ale as the strongest of the three. Without further delay here we go.

Brewer: Lorry Boys – Style: Golden Ale –  ABV: 4.5% – IBU 26



AROMA -5/10


FLAVOUR – 7/15

PALATE- 5/10

FINISH – 5/10

OVERALL – 26/50

Nice light golden colour and reasonable head. The nose has the slightest hints of stone fruit and amarillo, although pretty weak. The taste is quite thin doesn’t have the creaminess that you would expect in a good golden ale. A little watery and lacks any real flavour. The body is a touch thin in mouth-feel (that’s what she said), but the finish is not too bad.

Pretty much your standard supermarket beer, which in fact it is being made for one of Australia’s largest. Just a pretty ordinary beer, but so was the whole range.