Steersman Ultra Crisp

Steersman Ultra Crisp is an easy drinking, refreshing lager with a dry finish. With its light, crisp style and the ideal balance of bitterness. Steersman Ultra Crisp is perfect for the warm Australian climate.
Quick Review: After reviewing the Blonde in the Steersman I didn’t have much expectation in this one. Extremely light in flavour and best avoided like the blonde.

Brewer: Gage Roads Brewing Company – Style: Lager –  ABV: 3.5%


AROMA -1/10


FLAVOUR – 1/15

PALATE- 2/10

FINISH – 2/10

OVERALL – 9/50

The first thing that you notice about this beer is the multitude of tiny bubbles clinging to the side of the glass. Although it looks like beer, it taste like water if the waters flavour had been dulled down.

The aroma is dank, tinny nose with little to no character. Medium carbonation that the bubbles clings to the glass. Thin and gassy with an acidic bite of carbonation up-front and zero length on the zero flavour.

Everything about this beer seems to screams mass production, from the clear bottle to the constant reminder that it is crisp and refreshing. Nothing in this beer impressed me and I’m glad I only bought one.