Brewdog Dead Pony Club – Session Pale Ale

This Californian Pale Ale packs a huge hoppy punch. A 21st century low amplitude, high voltage hop hit. Some people say slow is good. We believe fast is better. Being shot from a Hoppy Howitzer beats the hell out of trotting round a submissive paddock. That’s why the internal combustion engine got mounted onto two wheels. Screw down the throttle and listen for that dull banshee howl floating back from those malted mufflers. Drink fast, live fast, sleep late and rip it up down empty streets. This pale ale is chopped, tuned and ready to roll. Fuel up and hold tight, this little thoroughbred kicks like a mule.

Brewer: BrewDog (Scotland) – Style: Session Pale Ale – ABV: 3.8%

AROMA -8/10Brewdog dead pony open


FLAVOUR – 10/15

PALATE- 7/10

FINISH – 7/10

OVERALL – 36/50

Pours an creamy off orange colour with an off white head. The nose is exceptional, lot of citrus, passion-fruit and hints of mango come though.

Being lower in ABV for a craft beer you would expect find less flavour than the nose was promising. However, this is not the case, you still get a great mouthfeel not pack with hops but you still get that nice toasty citrus flavours.

The Dead Pony Club comes together with a dry finish and a balanced bitterness. A beer well worth a try when you are after a little bit of citrus flavour and a nice mouthfeel.

Happy Drinking.